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What are Pay Per Click search engine?

We have effective experience in PPC search engine scripts development and all necessary skills.

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Pay Per Click (PPC)
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What are Pay Per Click search engine?

Pay per click (PPC) search engines are used for the advertising technique called "pay-per-click". Pay per click service (also known as Pay Per Ranking, Pay Per Placement or Cost Per Click) is guaranteed placement of a small ad on the search results page for a specific keywords or phrases in return of definite payment, but only when a visitor clicks on that ad. The advertisers pay nothing to appear on the results page; they only pay the amount they have agreed to when someone actually clicks on their ad and is taken to their landing page.

Pay per click search engine lets provide PPC advertising on any website by adding new functionality.
For any website there can be created custom PPC search engine script under particular webmaster requirements.

PPC search engine scripts building experience

We are software development company with deep experience in custom software development, including custom toolbars, variety of plugins and search engines.
Our PPC software development experience captures vast area, from basic feature of PPC search engine or new improved functionality for it to entire custom Pay Per Click search engine script.
We have created a range of custom PPC search engines and improved the existing ones by adding new custom features.

Our portfolio includes XML Document Object Model (DOM), numerous projects concerning Access Database development, SQL database development, stand-alone applications, custom toolbars and side panels, IE Plugins, Netscape Plugins, Firefox and Thunderbird extensions, Skype plugins, Dreamweaver extensions, Outlook and Outlook Express addons, PPC seach engines, PowerPoint plugins, DLL's, Chat Software, "massive" toolbars and DHTML Controls, MIDI sequencing programs, mailer and remailer spam filters, trading engines and charting programs for both stocks and commodity markets.


Languages: C, C++, Java, EJB, J2EE, Visual Basic, SQL, VQL, MySQL, CGI, PHP, XML, ASP, CFML.
Platforms: WindowsXP (NT, 98, 95, 2000, 3.1,3.0), Unix (HP, AIX).
Intranet: IIS, HTML, VB script.
Databases: Access, Versant, Oracle, XML, OLEDB.
Tools: MS SourceSafe, MS Visual Studio, JBuilder, PVCS, Netscaape, Code Warrior, Microsoft Universal Developers.
BHO Toolbar Plugin Experts Middleware: CORBA ( Iona , Orbix, Orbix Talk, ORB to ORB, IBM Bridge2Java), COM/DCOM.
Special Skills: ATL, OLEDB, MFC, XML (DOM), ADO , VBA.
Financial: Market Data Servers, Floor Broker Application Servers, Real time profit and loss servers.

Case Studies

MrWordSmith Pay Per Click search engine

MrWordSmith is international Pay-Per-Click search engine.
Mr.WordSmith PPC search engine ran under the several servers incorporated in one cluster. The Client needed new functionality in his search engine.

Mr.Wordsmith Toolbar Mr.WordSmith PPC search engine had several sections: admin section, search section, section for advertisers, and section for affiliates.
Softomate created several search modules (Mirago, Pointcom, etc.), configured and transferred all sites to the new internet server provider (RackSpace), upgraded statistics scripts in the admin, affiliates and advertiser sections.
Solution included the following features: search, quick search, links to the most frequently requested categories, pop-up blocker; automatic update module always checking for the latest toolbar version on the site and automatically updating the toolbar if necessary.

Technologies used:
Operation System: RedHat Linux
Web-Server: Apache 2 with PHP support
Database: MySQL

SearchTimes and GoZinta PPC search engines

Searchtimes.com and gozinta.com

Problem:It was required to improve the Pay Per Click search engines.



The solution included the following features:

1. New search engine core. The database and all requests to it were optimized. It let  store the search results in the session variables and make all requests to providers synchronic. This feature increased performance and reduced search time from 10 seconds to 1. All providers are added to the system as plug-ins.

2. Survey form (anti-cheat system). When user clicks on  link, system requests to enter secret code from the picture. This system is used for blocking automatic clicks.

3. New payment system. User can't request payments. Admin sends all payments weekly (he can download payment information required, for sending weekly commissions, and later upload transaction of information for payments).

4. New statistics feature.

5. Automatic mailing system. The system sends e-mails to users once or on schedule. Admin can specify users and optionally receive report into his mailbox.

6. Block IP and keywords for specified users.

7. Toolbar with Search functionality, first 5 results are shown in the "related results" menu.

8. Improved banner system.

9. Backup of files.


Technologies used:
Operation System: Linux
Web-Server: Apache 2 with PHP support
Database: MySQL

Development time: 225 hours

BigClique.com Search Engine

gRock Media Group

The Client needed a search engine that spidered the internet and indexed websites into search engine database.


Softomate developed scalable search system. This system included web-application software, search nodes and administration system.
Web-application software provided web user interface, access to user's preferences and query language.
Search nodes performed queries and returns from results back to web-application. Count of search nodes could be easily changed and the load was balanced between all search nodes. If any search node was down, it would be excluded from searches and system would be responsive.
Administration system included a set of web application scripts, which helped to maintenance servers and database.

Technologies used:
Java, Jakarta-Tomcat, Nutch, BASH scripting, Linux administration, Apache2, PHP4, MySQL, Network-Shared File Systems.

Development time: 600 hours.

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" The toolbar looks great!! You have done WONDERS for my site. And I am completely happy with your work!"

Femi Olu,
CEO of MrWordSmith.com



Search.net custom software




AOL custom software


Case studies

MrWordSmith PPC
Search Engine

PPC Search Engines improvement

BigClique.com Search Engine


WebDE custom toolbar


MrWordSmith PPC search engine

PPC Search Engines improvement

BigClique.com Search Engine





Vinden.nl custom plugin






Outsmarted plugin






Adlandpro IE plugins











This project took 225 hours.




Vivisimo custom software





T-online custom toolbar








Skype toolbar









This project took 600 hours.





NetNanny custom plugin


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