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Futuretrends.ch is the web site for news about most interesting and up-to-date products from world famous brand leaders.
The site is representing on-line catalogue system developed by Softomate.


Database of news about new products with illustrative pictures.
The possibility for visitors of the site to browse through the database of products’ news on-line. Updates can be done easily by the administrator with user-friendly MS Access program.

Non-standard JavaScript navigation.
Drop-down JavaScript animated navigation allows to put many categories of the products without overloading site with the text characters.

For Futuretrends.ch site we used ASP - one of the most common used and effective tool for developing informative web sites with server side data processing and dynamic web pages.

All data processing on Futuretrends.ch is made with the use of ODBC technology, which brings the ability to change the data source without making changes in the code. That makes Futuretrends.ch database independent, and its capacity can be easily extended by transferring data into more powerful database like MS SQL or Oracle.

FUTURETRENDS www.futuretrends.ch


Platform: Windows NT 4.0 server
Web server: MS Internet Informational Server 4.0
Programming language: ASP (Active Server Pages) on the server; JavaScript, HTML on client side.


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