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Custom Outlook Plug-in Development Services

Outlook development is effective way to extend Outlook mail client and customize Outlook work environment.
Microsoft Outlook offers high level of customization via third-party Outlook plug-ins development. Outlook plug-in blends seamlessly with Outlook user interface and extends Outlook operational functionality by adding new productive features to better organize emailing and information management process.

We develop Outlook solutions meeting specific customer requirements since 1998. Case Studies

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We base our solutions on Softomate Outlook API.

More than just outsourced project - an extensible development platform

How you benefit from working with Softomate:

  • Solution based on tested and complete platform
  • Shorten development time
  • Shorten time to market
  • Further upgrades of platform
  • Ability to extend the platform

Softomate Outlook API

OEAPI supports Outlook 2000 and above (incl. Outlook 2007) and Outlook Express® 6 running on Windows® 98, NT, 2000, XP and Vista. OEAPI is a Windows Mail® API also, for it works with Windows® Vista's email client

OE Library provides plugin interface.

  • Add your own menus and sub-menus to OE/WM's main and message windows.
  • A demo application written in Visual Basic is included in the package.
  • A demo application written in Visual C++ is included in the package.
  • A demo application written in C# is included in the package.
  • Plugin support as a dll that runs in OE/WM's same space. You will be able to run inside OE/WM.

Outlook API

User Interface

  • Add your own menus and sub-menus to OE/WM's main and message windows using xml configuration file.
  • Add toolbar separators.
  • Change button captions and images using plugin interface
  • Handle the click events of your buttons
  • Methods to get message content from the composition window, create new message in inbox or outbox folder, close composition window


HTML Panel
Plugin integrates html panel to the main and composition windows of OE/WM. On receiving mail plugin reads header of the mail, requests server and download html content for this message. When user selects this mail plugin shows in the html panel corresponded html page.Multilingual support.

Plugin change To, CC, Subject fields while sending mail. Plugin has a toolbar with bubble.

Encryption plugin:
Allows to split email to several emails, encrypt selected parts (to each recipient) and send it. Plugin has a toolbar in main and composition windows.

How to improve Outlook via Outlook plug-ins.

Outlook plug-ins (or Outlook addons) enhance Outlook email and newsgroup client functionality resulting in more productive emailing experience and information management. Outlook plug-in development allows to add absolutely new function to Outlook, automate some routine operations and customize Outlook user interface.

Custom Outlook extension lets create individual, convenient and productive, environment for working with Outlook client. Custom toolbar buttons or custom drop-down and right-click menu items can include new additional functions and tasks inside Outlook, or commands to provide quick access to web recourses, e.g. web communities, search engines, news, and other web services and content. You can extend Outlook with custom filters to avoid spam or group the letters received; add auto responder with custom signature; put in emails notification function to check urgent letters in time, and other features to better organize your work process in Outlook. It is also possible to integrate Outlook client with other internet communication applications, combining all the contact data in Outlook user interface, with option to see if the contact is online.

Information management
As Outlook is not only email client, but also is enabled to organize and manage information, there are wide opportunities to do it individual way, most convenient for user, with help of Outlook plug-in that can add new or extend the existing features to better manage email messages, contacts, tasks, appointments, address book data, etc.

On-line needs
Businesses that provide their services via Internet, or any Websites or online communities can offer their customers Outlook plug-ins to provide quick access and delivery of their services or information. Custom Outlook toolbar with custom logo, buttons and menus with website resources access commands, auto-login feature and etc. will help Outlook users perform a complex task in one click and give fast and convenient access to web resources required, right from Outlook interface.

Outlook plug-ins are helpful software for companies that provide customer services by e-mail. The custom plug-ins can automatically sort and manage incoming and outgoing messages to make communication process fast and accurate.

Off-line needs
Companies can customize and improve their corporate Outlook application for specific corporate intranet or extranet needs. Custom Outlook plug-in development lets create custom user interface, automate e-mail operations and customize information transfer and management. With Outlook plug-in it is easy to place corporate logo on Outlook toolbar and add custom buttons, dropdown and context menus for new functions. Outlook client can be extended with mail notification addon, spam filter, calendar and notes, attachments control addons, messages grouping addon, RSS reader and other unique features.
Outlook development expertise
We focus on custom software development and are ready to meet specific requirements to product. Our software building experience includes wide range of applications so we are competent to develop complex Outlook mail client related solution based on different applications integration.

Outlook development expertise

Our software building experience includes wide range of applications so we are competent to develop complex Outlook mail client related solution based on different applications integration.

With deep expertise in Outlook plug-in development we are able to:

  • create custom Outlook toolbar with custom logo, buttons and dropdown menus;
  • add custom tasks into context menus;
  • add custom features for Outlook address book and contacts;
  • develop custom mail notification plug-in, spam filter; calendar, notes, contacts and attachments management plug-ins;
  • messages grouping plug-in and other custom Outlook plug-ins that let manage and control messages sending and receiving process;
  • build RSS reader in Outlook client;
  • integrate Outlook with other software, combining their functions into Outlook user interface;
  • develop other individual Outlook mail client related software solution.
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